LipSynk Cosmetics  founder Denise knows, all too well, the struggles of being a Solo Mom. She also knows what a great difference an ‘inside out coaching’ can do for a woman with esteem, financial, or other personal challenges. As written in her book, “My Struggle’s, God’s Glory”, she chronicles the story of her journey towards freedom of pain and struggle, to meet the basic needs of her children. Denise was committed then to never stop helping others and she is on her way. Denise has the passion, focus and drive to make this project a global endeavor to help women all over the world feel beautiful not only on the outside but within. The ‘Solo Mom’s Makeover Campaign’, goal is to empower and inspire solo mom’s through body, soul and spirit enhancement makeovers.

Our mission is to go into the marketplace to transform women from the inside out, extending to them the message of hope, strength and love by providing practical resources and material to equip and empower them to overcome life’s challenges and struggles, encouraging them to live in total freedom and wholeness.

We visit a woman’s shelter every month, and select approximately 10 women to receive a makeover & life strategy session. The makeover is provided by licensed Hair Stylist, the Skin Consultation is given by a Professional Makeup Artist and the Fashion consultation is given by a Professional Stylist. The life strategy session is a private dialogue with the Solo Mom and Business, Entrepreneurial Professionals that will help set goals, chart out strategies to reach the goals and establish a tracking system to help the Solo Mom stay on track with the goals. We continue to engage and reach back to each Solo Mom and to provide them mentorship to help them live life to their fullest potential.

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